Monday, April 18, 2011


Chicago was a blast! We all had so much fun! Our hotel was at the W Lakeshore hotel where the Playboy Casting was and it was beautiful! Kind of cold, and windy but Our view was great, cabs ehhh the drivers sucked. I think one of them were falling asleep on us lol. That's the only thing about the city is that it takes forever to get anywhere. What are you going to do! WELL, we shopped ;) yayyyy we pigged out! SO MUCH! lol Cheesecake factory, and pizzaaaa a lot of it lol.  We walked the city, we went to the old sears tower and now its called the Willis tower or something. We were so high but it was very fun as well!! The train ride home wasn't too bad.. But unpacking is the hardest part of this whole trip. I HATE IT. ughhh were going to go back in the summer to stay longer for sure. Welllllll my articles are going very wellllll! check out my first column for the fashion examiner. anddddd Some of my catalog shoot photos are on the site! They have some pretty cool things!

I'll post pics on my Tumblr.



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